20 Replies to “JOGAMA 2016- Call for entry (2015 awards)”

  1. I think what JOGAMA is doing is quite remarkable, especially giving the fact that gospel music at this side of the map doesn’t seem to receive the patronage that it deserves in terms of economic support.
    In other parts of the country, Churches organize programmes on their own to support ambitious and promising (spiritually and socially) artistes. Here however, I have heard of cases where parents disowned their wards, Churches expelling members from sub-groups and/or refusing to accord singers who decide to take-up singing as a profession. This is quite disheartening particularly giving the fact that the mind is always creative on its own, positively or negatively depending on the circumstances to which it is exposed, which therefore stresses the need to always show love to artistes and give them the necessary guidance on ways to grow spiritually while pursuing their goals in the industry.
    God bless your efforts and I urge you to be steadfast and not relent in your quest to impact artistes positively, morally, socially and spiritually as the case may be.

    Masara Kim,
    Light Bearer Newspaper,
    Jos Nigeria.

    1. Thank you so much sir for your kind words, we will be glad to have your NEWSPAPER support us with the publications about this event, we can contribute articles to this regard even after the event. Thank you once more!!! God blessings

  2. I appreciate in full, the effort of the the JOGAMA crew seeing that what they are doing is to encourage the Gospel musicians and also enhance worship to the almighty God in heaven, I pray God raise sponsors for this noble coz.


  3. Pls the traditional song for the the Decom ve yi is it the same with the on always on TV by Pam Andrew then the title should be ‘Gap hong’ .

  4. Hello JOGAMA, I just logged in to check the levels of some votes I have been following but noticed you people have removed them and also the titles of the songs in each categories have been removed. I don’t think it’s fair. We all have the right to follow the votes. Thanks

    1. Yes sir, the page of the having some difficulties that we have to rectify and that is why you cannt see the levels now…..we miss config, but is ok now…. you previous entries are saved. Thanks

  5. Jogama, may God bless the Vision career. May God continue to uplift the visions of this organization. But I have a plea. other talents like Sound Engineer of the year Music Director of the year because we are always behind the scene making them.

    1. Thank you sir Kopmix for your kind words and suggestions, we will response to this areas next year while compiling the categories. Keep doing the Master’s work, God blessings

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