Jos Gospel Art and Music Awards (JOGAMA) is an event, the first of its kind and the only award night event organise in Jos. It is an annual event that is organise by lovers of gospel music and talents on the plateau, under the leadership of Clear-Mind Entertainment, a Jos based gospel entertainment company.It is aimed at Recognzing and Promoting, Appreciating and Encouraging gospel music artist/ministers and talents. The ultimate aim of JOGAMA, is to honour and Glorify our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and not man. The idea of JOGAMA was envisage in January 2011 and was unveiled on the 30th of October 2011 by Rev. Silas Yako a father, Rev and Mentor to all the gospel music ministers in Jos and beyond. The unveilling prayers was said by Evang. Lewis Dam the north central coordinator of Great Commission Movement (GCM) Nigeria also a father, discipler and a mentor to so many music ministers, Pastor and youth. The maiden edition of the event took place on the 10th (Concert) and 11th (Award Night) December 2011. This event actually proves that Jos is a home for gospel music and talents as youth from different part of the state attend this historic event which took place at the Treasures Inn and suites Rayfield.

Jos is no doubt endowed with talented and creative minds, it may not be an exaggeration if I said in every house in Jos there most be atleast one creative mind either doing music, dance, spoken words, creative art, tailoring etc. From the last three (3) decades of the entertainment boom on the plateau, Jos has become the bedrock of the entertainment industry in Nigeria. The contribution of Jos to the growth of entertainment in Nigeria can not be over accentuate as most of the big names in the industry in Nigeria most have had something to do with Jos.

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Gospel music , dancing, audio and video production, poetry and so many. The media in turn have experienced a turning point in the events they cover and broadcast. TV presenters and radio presenters as well have gotten a face lift in presentation as a result of creativity and innovations. It is not a new story that Jos has contributed greatly to the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

With the rising callenge of spreading the message of our Lord Jesus Christ through music, our music artist/minister needs to be appreciate and encourage to keep pressing on, it is against this backdrop that JOGAMA is initiated.

We will not say we have done perfectly well, but to God be the glory the second edition and come and gone in the year 2012 and we are looking forward to a better event in the year 2015.



JOGAMA is a Christian award night event with the sole aim of Honouring and glorifying our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and also to Appreciating Gospel talent


* To honour God!!!

* To Recognize, Encourage, Appreciate & Promote Talent

* To Award Excellence and good work

* To discover, establish and give every talent a stage

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JOGAMA is just a collection of youth with the same vision and passion for the music ministry and talent. We are open and ready to partner with any organization that will help us achieve our set goals.


Dr. Smith(Red Carpet)

Joshua A(Designs)

Lawrence (coverage)


Alfred (Creativity)